Weight Loss


Toxins have a role to play…

It is a common belief that we need to lose weight to be healthy, when often it’s not that simple – we need to be healthy before we can lose weight. The concept of calories-in vs. calories-out is completely obsolete and not something I adhere to at all.

We often hold water and carry extra weight because we are storing toxins in our fat cells – it’s our body’s way of stopping toxins from reaching the bloodstream and keeping us from harm. If we continue to expose ourselves to toxins via chronic stress, processed foods, plastics, heavy metals, pesticides and toxic skin and cleaning products then this situation will continue unabated.


Hormones have a key role in regulating our weight. As fat cells expand and grow, oestrogen levels typically rise as well. This leads to additional weight gain and water retention, which makes it more difficult to lose weight and decrease inflammation.

Our bodies have two options for sources of energy – fat or sugar (glucose). When our body is producing stress hormones or is in fight-or-flight mode, it chooses the faster activated fuel source that is glucose. The body needs to be in rest-and-relax state in order to burn fat as a fuel.

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No more fad diets…

It is essential to have an optimal ratio of progesterone to oestrogen in order for your body to access fat reserves to burn for energy, as well as sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones.

Undergoing seasonal detoxes, rebalancing hormones, eating and exercising correctly for your body type can help you reach a healthy weight for your body. There will be no calorie counting and no fad diets.

The weight loss lab I can offer is:

The Thyroid Adrenal Hormone test I can offer is comprehensive and measures cortisol, sex hormones and the active forms of thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Adrenal Hormone Test (supplied by ZRT Laboratories):

Cortisol levels over 4 points in the day

Oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, Pg/E2 ratio & DHEA

TSH, Free T3, Free T4 & TPO antibodies

The seasonal functional medicine detox I personally use and recommend can be purchased here.