The secret to staying youthful…

Most of us want to look our best and be as active as possible as we age. When our body is in balance and we are in optimal health we naturally feel and look radiant.

Like many women do when they reach a certain age, many years ago I began a quest to find a skin product that would slow down the ageing process, but ultimately this was to little effect.

I have since discovered that the secret to staying youthful is more what you put inside of your body, as well as having a certain ‘joie de vivre’.

Fasting and dextoxification…

Undergoing seasonal detoxes has been one of the most significant tools I have found to help lose toxic water weight, achieve clarity of mind and cleanse the body, which all contribute to feeling and looking more youthful. All ancient medicines from around the globe perform fasting and detoxification rituals and it is one of the closest things we have to the fountain of youth.

Interested to find out how I can help you rebalance your body and take control of your health..?

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What I recommend…

Detoxification is also necessary for the ongoing health of our liver. The liver is a powerhouse that constantly filters our blood and requires essential nutrients to do so. The functional medicine detox that I use seasonally and recommend to my clients contains these essential nutrients and is the most powerful, scientifically researched, full-body detoxification system ever created.

Throughout my programme I will teach you how to fast and undergo regular detoxes safely and effectively.

The benefits of a detoxification:

Undergoing periodic detoxes helps lighten the toxic load on our bodies and is one of the tools I recommend for achieving equilibrium.

Rebalancing hormones
Improve immunity
Lower stress
Allow for deeper sleep
Rejuvenate your body
Natural weight loss
Remove digestive distress
Support healthy levels of inflammation
Reduce toxic load on the body

7, 14 or 21 day detoxification kits are available here.

Detoxes are not recommended for children, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a serious disease or are undergoing chemotherapy. Please consult with your physician first.