Coaching Testimonials


Some kind words from some of my clients…

“I’ve struggled with digestive issues for as long as I can remember and have tried lots of different ‘cures’ over the years but without the proper support, I always gave up in the end. On top of that, this year I had piled on the pounds during the lockdown and this needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

I started working with Andy a few months ago and she has helped me get the right tests to pinpoint what could be causing the digestive symptoms and develop a longer-term wellness plan, so it doesn’t just include eating the right food but also incorporates ways to get a better night’s sleep, reduce stress, be more active and lose weight sensibly. I completed a 6- week programme with her guidance, which cut out specific foods for a period of time and also includes additional vitamin supplements to my diet to aid optimal health.

As a result, I have lost 12 pounds so far and my diet is significantly improved. I sleep better, have more energy and there is a marked improvement in my digestive symptoms. I am now working on my next target to increase my level of fitness and reduce my weight further and I look forward to continuing on with my plan with her support.

It is very obvious that Andy is passionate about what she does which comes across in all the information that she shares and is so knowledgeable on all things relating to optimal health. She takes a practical approach to her coaching offering realistic advice which makes the plan less overwhelming. Her positivity and support encourage me to keep going whilst still keeping me accountable at our regular meetings.”


“Andy has incredible knowledge. She is warm and has a calm disposition and I decided to invest in her qualities. For years I have had chronic digestive issues, trauma in my life and then menopause hit which of course heightens many existing symptoms. I was recommended blood and urine tests which assessed for 190 food intolerances as well as yeast overgrowth. I then did a week’s detox, not the easiest, but I came away lighter and feeling very focused. The results came back recently and moving forward Andy is helping me focus on the findings. I already feel better just knowing that with her guidance I’m on the right track to improved health. Never underestimate how stress is one of the biggest problems in causing hormonal and gut issues and we are not even aware at how detrimental it can be on our bodies. I highly recommend Andy. She is based in my hometown, but it doesn’t matter where you are as she does Zoom sessions.”


“Before I met with Andy, I didn’t really think there was that much wrong with me. I was really just supporting my husband as he wasn’t well and needed help.

But I can honestly say Andy has transformed my life as well as his. The change for me has been massive:

  • From taking multiple sleeping pills every night for over a year, To sleeping like a baby naturally every night
  • From feeling sluggish and uninspired, To finding a new lease of life with loads of energy
  • From assuming my bloated tummy was just my natural shape, To being able to wear what I like and feeling good about it
  • From mindlessly eating crap food because it was there, To really thinking about what I put into my body. And actually (mostly!) just wanting the good stuff.

I couldn’t recommend Andy more. She was professional, knowledgeable and she genuinely cares.

If you’re humming and haa-ing over whether or not someone like Andy might be able to help, I’d say do it – what’s to lose?! (and yes, although the detox / elimination diet sounds highly unappealing, it is definitely worth it!”


“I worked with Andy to look at ways of improving my overall health and wellbeing and can’t recommend her enough. From the first consultation I took away a long list of invaluable tips which I was able to incorporate into my routine straight away, from my diet to lifestyle changes. She has such a calm and reassuring way of explaining things and our sessions are always so informative but also fun. Thanks so much Andy!”


“Andy was professional, thorough, decisive and most pleasant. Having had a mix of historical and ongoing health issues (viral meningitis, severe gut issues, extreme lethargy and sleepless nights) Andy started from the start, listened and thoroughly explored all possibilities.

I believe Andy recommended the appropriate course. Having completed the elimination diet, with the addition of support and mind / lifestyle exercise, I finally feel like myself again.

I am hugely grateful.”


“It was a pleasure working with Andy from the start. She is so easy to talk to and really listens to your needs and will tailor protocols that work for the whole family. My husband and I completed the 21-day detox and it has completely changed our eating habits and given us a new surge of energy and healthier outlook on life.

Andy was supportive throughout the process and helped us through every step of the journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their gut health as well as their mental wellbeing.”