Coaching Pricing


Personal Coaching

Do you keep trying to instil new habits only to find yourself moving backwards after a certain period of time? It can lead you to think that your wellness goals are not possible, when in actual fact you just needed some support, guidance and accountability. As a coach I show you where to start and what to prioritise. And I always seek progress over perfection.

Also includes once a week email support.

Duration: 12 – 16 weeks

Total Cost: £300

Week 1: 60 mins


  • Health history intake
  • Review of health & wellness goals
  • Supplement, detox & functional lab test recommendations – if applicable
  • Follow-up email with wellness plan encompassing nutrition, exercise, sleep, detoxification, supplementation, stress reduction and success mindset

Week 6: 60 mins


  • Lab test review
  • Overview of personalised wellness plan

Week 12: 30 mins


  • Follow up on wellness plan
  • Additional tweaks as necessary

Week 18: 30 mins


  • Follow up and maintenance for continued success

Please Note: Payment must be taken prior to consultations and can be paid in 1 payment of £300 or 3 instalments of £100 over 3 months.

Follow Up Coaching Call

For previous clients only and recommended on a quarterly basis – this is a session to check-in, ensure maintenance of the wellness plan and discuss any new wellness goals.

Duration: 30 mins

Total Cost: £50

One-off Health Coach Call

I recommend taking part in the full 1:1 coaching package in order to get the most out of the accountability and support I provide. However, I do offer a one-off consultation to recommend ways of improving nutrition, exercise, sleep, detoxification and stress reduction based on your individual wellness goals.

Duration: 60 mins

Total Cost: £150

Please Note: Payment must be taken prior to consultation.

Corporate Group Wellness Session

I can design an informative wellness session to recommend ways to improve work/life balance, and tips for a achieving a healthier lifestyle both at home and in the office.

Sessions can be conducted remotely.

Cost will depend on the type of session, number of attendees and length of time involved. Please contact me directly for a quote and a session tailored to your company’s needs.