Personal Coaching


What’s different about an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP)?

As an IHP, I listen to your story and take an holistic health approach that encompasses both the body and mind. An IHP doesn’t compartmentalise body parts – any issue you have in one area is likely negatively impacting the rest of your body.

An IHP will help you discover your root cause issues and guide you towards making lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your goals. IHP’s recognise that there is no “best method” for helping people achieve optimal health, and instead focuses on an integrative approach using the best techniques and tools from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine.


You are Unique…

Everyone has a unique set of characteristics, or bio-individuality. You could be exposed to the exact same environment as someone else, however your genetic expression will cause any health issues to manifest differently. Or conversely, you can experience the same symptom as someone else, but the underlying root cause may be different. This is why an IHP will tailor a plan specific to your individual requirements.

For example, for someone experiencing frequent headaches or migraines, the root cause may be food sensitivities, candida overgrowth, hormone disregulation, heavy metal toxicities or a mineral imbalance. Or all of these!

Interested to find out how I can help you rebalance your body and take control of your health..?

The discovery call gives you an opportunity to learn more about how I can help you make a start in the right direction.

How I can help you…

An IHP will show you how to remove any toxicities, replace any deficiencies and provide the tools so that you can start listening to your body.

As an IHP Master, I will guide you to:

Make food choices that nourish your body

Exercise correctly for your body type

Take supplements that will replenish any deficiencies

Instil a good sleep hygiene

Create a low-toxic environment

Remove stressors or learn to deal with them differently

Create healthy routines and habits that have you excited for your day

Please remember that I can only guide you on this journey, you will do all the work! But when your body tries to take you back to where it felt comfortable – that place that made you overweight, lethargic, grumpy and not yourself – I will be there to support and cheer you on, so you can progress to the next level.

We all need a coach in our lives, to take us out of our comfort zones and help us be the person we really want to be.