Corporate Wellness


In 2020, 79% of British adults in employment confirmed that they commonly experience work-related stress. Stress negatively impacts productivity, both mental and physical health as well as relationships with others.

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s Labour Force Survey found that 54% of all working days lost in 2018/2019 were reported as being due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety, an increase of 5% over the previous year’s report.

Stress in the workplace has become very commonplace, and now more than ever, it is essential that companies have a wellness agenda to ensure that their employees feel like work is a safe space and is stress-free as possible.

I design informative wellness sessions to recommend ways to reduce stress, improve work/life balance, and provide tips for a achieving a healthier lifestyle both at home and in the office. Sessions can be conducted remotely or in person.

Please contact me directly me for a bespoke session tailored to your company’s needs. Cost will depend on the type of session, number of attendees and length of time involved.

Interested to find out how I can help you rebalance your body and take control of your health..?

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